Foods to Avoid

Welcome to our Foods to Avoid page! Here, you’ll find examples of some foods that you should avoid when undergoing orthodontic treatment.

Not being able to enjoy their favourite foods is one of the key issues many people have to endure after starting orthodontic therapy. There are specific foods that are simply not allowed to be consumed since they can create damage by getting stuck in the braces.

It is very common for a patient’s smile to become a bit sensitive a few days after getting your braces. This is normal and to be expected. While getting braces put on doesn’t hurt, your mouth starts the process of adjusting right away. Foods that are tougher to chew and have a thicker texture may cause pain and should be avoided.

Soft cheeses, soups, mashed potatoes, yogurt, oatmeal, pasta, seafood, scrambled eggs, grains, moist desserts, soft fruits and soft or cooked veggies.

Essentially, any item that is simple to chew is a great choice. Protein shakes may also be something to explore.

After a few days up to a week, the sensitivity will drastically improve. It will be possible to consume your regular diet.

The following types of foods may bend the archwires and/or cause the braces to break away from your teeth. These issues will significantly extend your treatment time and may incur extra fees so please be very careful!

HARD FOODS: ice, nuts, beef jerky, granola bars, popcorn, hard crackers, pretzels, corn on the cob, bagels, raw vegetables and apples (cut these up to eat)

STICKY FOODS: caramels, gum, toffee, licorice, chewy candy, chocolate bars

Please note that the list above is NOT all inclusive. Any food item that is hard or sticky should be either avoided or eaten with extreme care. Please use common sense when choosing what foods you are eating during your treatment. Also avoid chewing fingernails and hard objects like pens and pencils. 

Sweet treats in moderation are alright. However, try to limit indulging in sugary beverages and foods to only a few times a week.

You should also reduce the amount of pop, sports drinks, and other acidic beverages consumed, as they can permanently damage your teeth by decaying and eroding the enamel.

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