Foods to Avoid

Not being able to enjoy their favourite foods is one of the key issues many people have to endure after starting orthodontic therapy. There are specific foods that are simply not allowed to be consumed since they can create damage by getting stuck in the braces.

What are the best foods to eat after getting braces?

It is very common for a patient’s smile to become a bit sensitive a few days after getting your braces. This is normal and to be expected. While getting braces put on doesn’t hurt, your mouth starts the process of adjusting right away. Foods that are tougher to chew and have a thicker texture may cause pain and should be avoided.

Excellent foods to stock up on after getting braces include:

Soft cheeses, soups, mashed potatoes, yogurt, oatmeal, pasta, seafood, scrambled eggs, grains, moist desserts, soft fruits and soft or cooked veggies.

Essentially, any item that is simple to chew is a great choice. Protein shakes may also be something to explore.

After a few days up to a week, the sensitivity will drastically improve. It will be possible to consume your regular diet.

Foods to Avoid After Getting Braces

It is important to understand which foods you are allowed to eat after braces and which items should be avoided.

There are numerous dietary options when you have braces. It is important to note that some “safe food choices,” may not be recommended right after getting your braces put on. Certain foods can irritate your mouth with excessive sensitivity and pressure.

Foods to Avoid Immediately After Braces:

Citrus foods, ice cream, spicy foods, heavier meat cuts, and thick slices of bread or rolls.

Don’t worry though, you will be able to resume these items once your teeth get used to having braces.

Foods to Avoid During Braces

Certain foods that can cause tremendous damage to your braces. You will have to avoid these foods as long as you are undergoing orthodontic therapy.

The list includes hard and sticky foods (toffee) that can create bracket separation from a tooth or damage the bands or wires. Chewing gum, popcorn ice, pizza crusts, nuts, hard candy, chips, hard crackers, chewy candy, hard rolls, bagels, crunchy fruits and veggies, apples, and pretzels.

Be sure to limit your sugary foods and drinks while wearing braces. Plaque coats the teeth in a sticky film when the saliva and sugar mix.

While brushing your teeth can be effective for removing plaque, this becomes trickier with braces. There are many hiding places for plaque to collect on the brackets. This sticky film creates a greater chance of tooth decay.

Sweet treats in moderation are alright; however, try to limit indulging in sugary beverages and foods to a few times a week.