Adolescent Treatment

Orthodontic braces are nothing to be feared.

While braces may have been unpopular and viewed in a negative context in their early days, today’s technology has streamlined the entire approach, leaving clients happier than ever.

Kelowna Orthodontics has a comprehensive variety of brace styles and types to suit your lifestyle. From mini metal braces, clear ceramic braces, hidden lingual braces, coloured braces, Invisalign, clear removable aligners and self-ligation braces we have the best dental solutions for your smile.

Do I need Braces?

A huge component of facial recognition and how we express ourselves to our peers is related to our teeth, our oral health, and our smile.

Obtaining the healthy, radiant smile of your dreams can generate greater self-esteem and enhance your self-image, improve digestion, increase bite function, and keep teeth much easier to clean.

The following describes some of the many benefits of undergoing orthodontic care.

Physiological Benefits:

Straight teeth are less prone to tooth decay since they are easier to access and clean. A healthy bite will not strain the joints and muscles within the jaws. Increased bite function and aligned chewing digest food more thoroughly. Aligned teeth are less likely to chip or wear their enamel away. Gingivitis, gum recession and gum disease are less prominent with straighter teeth. Tongue-thrusting habits and certain speech impediments can become less pronounced with a proper bite. Using orthodontic therapy to close gaps and spaces can reduce the need for bridges or dental implants in the future.

Psychological Benefits:

Orthodontic care influences both psychological and physical well-being. The mechanics of your bite and teeth align to deliver a gorgeous, functional smile.

Psychological benefits include enhanced well-being and self-image, greater confidence and feeling more attractive.

How long will I wear braces?

Everyone has a different treatment plan based on numerous factors. The average time spent wearing braces ranges between 18 to 24 months.

Treatment Timing

Certain clients may benefit from commencing treatment prior to having all the adult teeth in. The complete treatment time may be longer in these circumstances but often the interceptive treatment phase can eliminate or reduce the time spent wearing braces. One of our orthodontists will be happy to assess your unique situation and recommend options.

Case Severity

The more severe and numerous the orthodontic issues that need to be fixed, the longer treatment time can be expected. How fast your body responds to and recovers from the ortho will also determine treatment time. Everyone’s body responds in their own time. One client may only take 12 months, while a similar case may take 2 years or longer.


One of the most vital treatment factors is how closely one follows the orthodontist’s instructions. Wearing elastics properly and maintaining checkups as required will definitely help you shorten your treatment time.

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