Orthognathic Surgery

To fix specific facial bone abnormalities surrounding the jaw and the teeth, Orthognathic Surgery may be required. This corrective jaw surgery can amend daily problems with sleeping, talking, and chewing. These problems can lead to a reduced quality of life, poor self-esteem and digestive issues if not taken care of. Orthognathic Surgery works together with orthodontic treatments. The entire facial profile can benefit from significant enhancement after this kind of treatment.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art digital imaging technology we have available, we can show patients the functional and aesthetic improvements that it can offer. This computerized treatment planning allows us to increase the efficiency of the surgery while lessening recovery and treatment times.

This procedure relies on only top-notch technology including titanium screws and plates that can add strength and stability to your treatment. This technology helps us to predict your treatment and minimize recovery time after surgery. The majority of patients will be able to enjoy their regular routines quite quickly post-surgery.

Many times, Orthognathic Surgery is not required if orthodontic therapy can provide the necessary correction. The realm of orthodontics is continually advancing and progressing. Every case is unique and we invite you to book a free orthodontic consultation with us. We are happy to determine whether it is necessary and outline what your potential treatment will entail.