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More About Retention

A crucial component of finishing your orthodontic therapy is called “retention.” Once your dental appliances or braces have been removed, there are rules to follow to help your teeth stay in their new positions. Retention is the process of solidifying all of your hard work. To be successful, it is essential to follow the steps below:

Wear your retainer and follow instructions laid out by the staff and doctor. During the first 3 to 4 months after your braces come off, you will most likely be asked to wear your retainer full time. Afterward, may be followed up by wearing your retainer at bedtime indefinitely.

Practice getting used to your retainers after you receive them. We recommend talking, singing and reading out loud to help your tongue and mouth normalize everyday activities with your retainer.

Keep your retainer in your travel case whenever you remove it for eating, etc. Did you know that the majority of lost appliances are left in restaurants or schools at lunch? We have a special golden rule to help you remember, “In your face or in the case!” It is expensive to replace your retainer. Take great care of your dental appliance.

Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to brush your retainer each day. Avoid hot water as this can damage your appliance or distort its’ shape. You may rely on pharmacy items including Efferdent to soak your appliance; however, nothing replaces adequate brushing.

Wear a fitted mouth guard instead when playing physical sports. If you engage in wrestling or swimming, etc. take your retainer out during those activities.

Don’t place your retainer on the dash of a hot vehicle, in hot water, or on a napkin. Never put your retainer in your pocket as it may end up going through the laundry accidentally.

Your retainer is a personal favourite for pets! Keep your appliance away from dogs as they may chew and destroy your device.

Retainers are fragile and their delicate components can break if handled roughly.

Don’t hesitate to contact Kelowna Orthodontics in the event your retainer becomes lost, broken, or distorted. Please make an appointment instead of trying to adjust it on your own.

Please bring your retainer to each appointment with you.

If you have any concerns or questions or feel that your retainer needs an adjustment, we are happy to help! Retainers can last for numerous years if proper care is taken. Avoid costly replacement by taking care of your appliance.

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