Types of Braces

Traditional Silver Braces

The most recognizable type of Orthodontic braces are the traditional silver brackets. These braces are an excellent choice even though they are among the most noticeable. While some clients may not mind high visibility, other clients prefer less noticeable orthodontic therapy. Traditional silver braces offer the best efficiency, reliability, and predictability. These are some of the key reasons this type of braces remains one of the most popular.

Coloured Braces

Coloured braces deliver a customizable option with coloured, changeable ties available in thirty shades. These ties can be mixed and matched as per the patients’ preference and use the same brackets as traditional silver braces. Kids and teens love to have fun with coloured braces. View the “brace painter,” if you want to see your colour options and pick them out before your next appointment!

Clear Braces

It is important to point out that while clear braces are less noticeable than traditional braces, they are not invisible. Patients need to know that this orthodontic option will require extra effort into daily cleaning and maintenance compared to traditional metal braces. Clear braces cost more than traditional metal ones. They are not as efficient and harder to work with and less durable compared to metal.

Combination Braces

Some clients opt for clear braces on their top arch and traditional metal braces on their bottom teeth. This can provide a great compromise placing the stronger braces on the bottom and the less visible batch on top. There are fewer issues about staining and bracket breakage with the combination option compared to full Clear braces. Combining treatment works out a bit less expensive as well.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign consists of removable, clear acrylic shells. This series of treatment focuses on incrementally moving the teeth by wearing each set for approximately two weeks. It will not be a suitable option for everyone, depending on the severity of the correction needed. We invite you to book an appointment to determine if you will be a successful candidate. On average, treatment takes 6 to 18 months. Invisalign is more expensive than Traditional, Clear, or Coloured braces.

iBraces (Lingual Braces)

Lingual braces or iBraces are invisible because they sit on the inside of your teeth. They are very tricky to clean and the least comfortable option out of all of the braces. They can be used to treat any orthodontic issue. Note that Lingual braces are more expensive than Invisalign, Traditional, Clear or Coloured braces. They are also notoriously difficult to clean and care for.